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Combating Heart Disease
Starting at ground zero: Jackson, Mississippi

Combating Heart Disease:
Starting at Ground Zero in Jackson, Mississippi

Webinar: Recorded Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Mississippi, accounting for more than a quarter of all deaths per year. The state’s mortality rate from heart disease is also highest in the nation. For St. Dominic Hospital, located in the state capital of Jackson, these weren’t just abstract statistics – the health system was dealing every day with the grim realities of heart disease.

St. Dominic’s knew it had to actively seek viable solutions to slow down the prevalence and staggering cost of heart disease, while also improving patients’ clinical outcomes and overall satisfaction. After careful consideration, the hospital chose to implement the Ornish Reversal Program, an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program that doesn’t require traditional interventions such as intrusive surgical procedures or expensive medications, instead leveraging a lifestyle transformation approach. 

Healthways, in partnership with MedAssets, are pleased to host this complimentary webinar, during which attendees will learn: 

  • Why the Ornish Reversal Program was the optimal choice for St. Dominic’s
  • What criteria St. Dominic’s uses to identify ideal candidates for the program
  • How St. Dominic’s built and leverages a network of local clinicians for patient referrals
  • What program champions are doing to engage administrative and clinical leadership to support outcomes and program success
  • How the Ornish Reversal Program has both generated a new revenue stream for the health system and increased enrollment in traditional cardiac rehabilitation


Sean Maily
Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation, St. Dominic Hospital

Sean manages both Traditional and Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation at St. Dominic Hospital, both of which have experienced significant growth under his leadership. In his role, he works extensively with hospital administration, physicians, clinicians, program staff and patients to help maximize clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and return on investment.

Prior to joining St. Dominic’s last year, Sean served the Central Mississippi Medical Center as program director for its Wound Care Center and manager of its Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Department. Sean is also a long-serving member of the U.S. Army National Guard, having been chief of its Army Training Management System Section and currently one of the Training and Counseling Officers for the 154th Regional Training Institute, where he evaluates and trains future Army National Guard Officers. During Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Sean also served the United States Army as an officer, managing the provision of critical supplies and services to support U.S. and coalition operations. 

Sean has a B.S. in Sports Administration and a master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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