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Money Matters

It's Time to Evolve Beyond Traditional Financial Wellness Offerings

Watch Now: Recorded Wednesday September 16, 2015

Forty percent of employers offer some sort of financial education to their workers, but these programs may not be delivering the kinds of results that organizations want to see. For employers looking to alleviate the negative impacts low financial well-being can cause — stress, distraction, absenteeism, lowered productivity, missed days of work and even poor physical health outcomes — traditional financial wellness programs probably aren’t the right answer.

So what can an employer do to make real progress in improving the financial well-being of their workforce? It’s time to adopt a more realistic, holistic approach — one that recognizes how people truly interact with their money and focuses on changing their behaviors.

Join presenters from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Wellness and Healthways for an informative webinar that will address:

  • What financial well-being currently looks like in the United States, based on newly released data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index®
  • How higher financial well-being among employees could reduce healthcare costs and improve on-the-job performance and productivity
  • Why traditional approaches to “financial wellness” typically fail
  • How to use a behavior-focused approach to help employees achieve their financial well-being goals in both the short (e.g., reducing credit card debt) and long terms (e.g., retirement savings)
  • Why it’s important to consider financial well-being within a larger well-being improvement framework
  • What features and functionality to look for in a financial well-being solution


Brian Hamilton
Vice President of Financial Wellness for Dave Ramsey

Brian leads the Financial Wellness division with the Dave Ramsey organization, Ramsey Solutions. His team works to help businesses improve the financial well-being of their employees. Brian graduated magna cum laude from the University of Delaware and has worked for Ernst & Young and PSA Financial’s Fiduciary Consulting Group.

Jim Purvis, MSSW
Vice President of Well-Being Improvement Design at Healthways

Jim oversees Healthways’ Well-Being Improvement Solution design team, which involves incorporating proven concept learnings and leading design teams for all of the company’s core product offerings. Before joining Healthways in 2007, Jim spent 20 years at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he held various clinical and director-level positions. He has bachelor’s degrees in social work and psychology, as well as a master’s degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Janna Lacatell
Product Director at Healthways

Janna leads the at-scale operational delivery of Healthways Financial Well-Being program, closely aligning with channel market teams to ensure engaging and impactful program execution. During her tenure at Healthways, Janna has leveraged her deep communications experience to couple behavior change programs with meaningful engagement strategies designed to activate consumers and drive real, meaningful behavior change. Throughout her career, Janna has developed market expertise to design, develop and deliver products aimed at solving unmet needs in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. She has a BS in Marketing from Bryant University and an MBA in Strategy from Boston University.